We won our first Straw Poll! (via Sunshine State News)

The campaign had a terrific weekend, winning our first straw poll with 83% of the vote over the competition!

Check out the news coverage of this big statewide event from Sunshine State News!

Voters and candidates from across the Sunshine State gathered in Jacksonville on Saturday afternoon for a straw poll held by WBOB. 

Ed Dean, a senior editor for Sunshine State News whose radio shows can be heard on WBOB every morning and across Florida every day, launched the straw poll while Kent Justice from News4Jax moderated it. The event was held at the Salem Centre on the Southside of Jacksonville. 

Several statewide candidates ... spoke before the straw poll. So did candidates for federal offices including ... businessman Scott Sturgill who is running for the Republican nomination in Congressional District 7.

In the Republican congressional primary straw polls ... Sturgill won in District 7 with 87 votes while 17 opted for Mike Miller.

Click here to read the full coverage of the event at Sunshine State News.