Rolling Back Regulations and Spending

It’s estimated that 70% of new jobs come from the expansion of existing businesses, and  I’ve seen firsthand the harmful effects that excessive regulation can have on small business owners struggling to grow. That’s why as your next congressman, I’ll fight to continue the pace the administration has set of cutting 22  job-killing regulations for every new one enacted.  

In our everyday lives we have a budget that we stick to, and the same should be true for government. I will bring fresh perspectives rethink the federal government's mindless spending processes,  and hopefully develop new and better ways of stewarding taxpayer resources.  

The federal government’s addiction to overspending and endless regulation is the biggest obstacle to greater prosperity for middle-class American families. We need to downsize the federal government , empower the economy, and return as much decision making and spending to the state and local levels as possible.


Pass a Budget

No more continuing resolutions. No more shutting down the government.

And if Congress can’t pass a budget? They should get no pay. It’s time for congress to get to work. The Constitution gives Congress all the power over our nation’s spending and debts, and it’s time for our Representatives to take responsibility and stop kicking the can down the road with debt increases on autopilot. If they don’t pass a real budget, they literally aren’t doing their jobs, so they shouldn’t get paid. It’s that simple.

Right now, too much government and too much debt are undermining our economic growth and risking another financial crisis by plowing hundreds of billions of dollars into Wall Street banks and foreign countries. That’s why our nation’s former top military official testified that “the most significant threat to our national security is our debt.”

We all know we would never do to our own families what Washington does with our national finances. What I’ll add to the national conversation is a small businessman’s focus on the bottom line and a long term vision for how our financial health will either help or harm our children’s future.


Strengthening our Military

With threats like North Korea and Iran on the rise, now is the time to ensure  we have a  military that’s second to none and always ready for whatever comes our way.Last year we saw the effects of budget cuts and the budgeting uncertainty caused by continuing resolutions: avoidable accidents caused by inadequate training and military equipment in disrepair. The Marines even had to raid aircraft museums for spare parts. That’s unacceptable. As your next congressman, I’ll fight for fully funded long term budgets so our military can plan for the future and invest in the very best technologies for the armed service members who stand in the gap for our freedoms and our way of life.


Healing the VA

The Veterans Affairs system is broken, and everybody knows it. My family has experienced this broken bureaucracy firsthand. I was disgusted at the staggering amount of red tape and the excessive wait times when I tried to assist my grandfather, a World War II veteran, in navigating the VA for his healthcare needs.

Long story short, I ended up taking my grandfather to a private sector physician and paying out of pocket instead of dealing with the impersonal and unresponsive nightmare we encountered. The process needs to be streamlined to meet the changing needs of our Veteran population.

Those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have different needs from those of other veterans, and the current VA system is failing them all. As your next congressman, I’ll fight tooth and nail to expand the Veterans Choice Program and to hold VA employees accountable to the highest standards of service. We simply can’t continue to be a free nation if we don’t care for those who care for us and shed their blood for our freedoms.