Scott Sturgill earns endorsement of entire Longwood City Commission

Sanford businessman Scott Sturgill has received the endorsement of the entire Longwood City Commission in his campaign to be the next Congressman from Florida’s 7th District.

Mayor Benjamin Paris and Commissioners Matt Morgan, Abby Shoemaker, Richard Drummond and Brian Sackett have all announced their support for the fourth generation  resident from Seminole County.

“I’m proud to endorse Mr. Sturgill.” said Mayor Paris “I have seen the impact he has had on our local communities as a businessman and philanthropist. I know that when he is in Congress he will continue his great work for the people.”

“I’m honored to endorse a family man and a non career politician in Scott Sturgill.” said Morgan “Now more than ever, we need real people that can produce real results. Not career politicians who are just looking to climb up the next rung of the political ladder.”

“I’m grateful for the support of these hardworking lawmakers from Longwood.” said Sturgill “This continued support further illustrates that leaders and voters from the 7th district are fed up with dysfunction in Tallahassee and Washington. What we’ve seen at the higher levels of government over the past year isn’t working and when I’m in Congress, I’ll give the people the of the 7th district their voice back.”