We're In!

After much deliberation with my family, we are excited to announce that – We’re in the race for Congress in Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

Like you, I believe keeping America the greatest country in the world will require bold new leadership in Washington to challenge Democrats and Republicans on spending, taxes, and the debt.

We must be diligent and measured.  I am committed to pursuing solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs to cut the burdensome governmental red tape that buries people; keeping them from their own American Dream.

Over the last several years I have cared for my WW2 veteran grandfather who is 93 years old. The bureaucratic red tape and the constant delays for our Veterans to receive timely care is inexcusable. Our Veterans fought for our rights and they should be able to go to the doctor or facility of their choice to receive medical care when needed. The private marketplace will save the taxpayers money and ensure that our Veterans receive the best care possible.

Our country is strong, but our military resources have been ignored and put on the back burner for the past eight years.  We need a strong military with the personnel, equipment, training and resources they need to keep themselves safe in the field and our citizens safe at home.

Together we can tackle the problems that Washington continues to ignore and fail us on.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

—Scott Sturgill